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As a result of the dedication of its members to various charities (see the tab "Our Charitable Partners" for detailed information), uniPHARM Wholesale Drugs Ltd. and its banner program Medicine Centre, created the uniPHARM & Medicine Centre Pharmacies Charitable Foundation (UMC Charity) to formalize the charitable activities of their company.  Over the past few years through the culmination of a thoughtful vision and the work of some dedicated members of the uniPHARM family, the UMC Charity was established as a registered Canadian charity in July 2009.

The key area of focus for the UMC Charity is to support and encourage charities that offer essential services, support and research to those suffering from chronic and critical illness.  Furthermore, we intend to target our efforts at supporting charities that otherwise have a difficult time with fundraising and may not have such a high profile within the greater community.

Our mandate is to continually increase financial support to the many vital and underfunded health related charities across Canada.  As a Foundation we are committed to aligning with non-profit partners that can make a significant impact without bureaucracy and high administration costs.


How It Began

In early 1980, uniPHARM Wholesale Drugs Ltd was launched as a solution to the frustrating lack of services available to independently owned pharmacies in British Columbia.  At that time, a small group of pharmacies came together with a vision for a new kind of wholesaler: one that could use the combined buying power of a number of independent pharmacies in an effort to keep retail costs low and maintain an advantage in a very aggressive market.

Fast forward to today and for the past 35 years uniPHARM Wholesale Drugs Ltd, has grown to areas not only in BC, but also in Alberta and the Yukon. Our shareholder member pharmacists benefit from volume purchasing, efficient high tech delivery of pharmacy products, custom designed retail and professional strategies, as well as access to a supportive peer network that shares experiences, knowledge and philosophy.

uniPHARM has a strong history of charitable work both as an organization and as a supporter of charitable activities undertaken by many of our members over the years.  We are very proud of our charitable contributions and activities. 

uniPHARM Wholesale Drugs Ltd. has contributed to various charities and initiatives that range from the Richmond Hospital Foundation, Covenant House, BC Children's Hospital (Jean's day), Aga Khan Foundation, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, charity golf tournaments, and other charities throughout British Columbia and Alberta supported by our shareholders where their stores are located.

Employees also show their support with the ALS Walk of BC by pledging fellow staff members who participate in the walk.  During the holiday season, staff also band together to help families in need by supporting the Richmond Food Bank.

When Haiti experienced their devastating earthquake in January 2010, the employees donated money to Shelterbox, a program that sent survival kits to those in need. These kits included a tent (for a family), cooking utensils, supplies for children, as well as other key items required after an earthquake

We will continue to support a wide variety of charitable causes.


Our Focus

The uniPHARM & Medicine Centre Pharmacies Charitable Foundation (UMC Charity) believes that giving back is second nature to supporting the health and wellness of our communities.  As a foundation, our goal is to raise funds to expand medical research, promote awareness and enhance the quality of life of those suffering from chronic and critical illnesses. Specifically we consider those charities that are:

  1. Registered Canadian Charities operating in British Columbia, Alberta, and/or The Yukon.
  2. Carrying on health-related activities in the three geographic areas listed above.
  3. Generally lesser known charities who have low administrative costs and to whom modest contributions are significant to their efforts.





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